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Bank Erosion Control for the Environment Agency

Bank erosion on River Brit

Kingcombe Aquacare were instructed by the Environment Agency to carry out bank erosion control using rock armour on the River Brit in Bridport, Dorset.

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Environment Agency Framework Contracts

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Boat Ramp

Borehole Headworks

We are engaged by the Environment Agency to work on their existing boreholes to construct new or make improvements to headworks.  We ensure that the headworks chambers are secure and meet the needs of the technicians that carry out routine measurements.

Enclosures can be either above or below ground to suit the application and the installations are specified by standard specifications

Our site teams are fully trained to work on environmentally sensitive sites, MOD land and in or next to the highway


We are engaged buy the Environment agency to work on their raingauge locations to construct new compounds or make improvements to existing sites.

The facilities are constructed to the client’s requirements and all elements are specified in our range of standard drawings.  Layouts can be 2-gauge, 3-gauge, linear, triangular, rectangular or turf wall.

Raingauges are often sited in third party establishments such as water or sewage treatment works and we can provide all necessary safe systems of works and procedures.  We are trusted with all prevailing security regimes.

We are water specialists so all our site personnel are fully trained in working on, in, above or near water and we have special teams for working in confined spaces.  Our site activities are governed by method statement and risk assessment.

Stilling Wells and Stilling Tubes

We design, build and install stilling wells and tubes from a range of materials and with a variety of associated infrastructure such as ducting, gantries, gaugeboards, dip points, fencing, kiosks, huts, steps etc.

Tubes and wells can be fabricated from galvanised mild, stainless or marine grade stainless steel, or plastic depending on their application. 

Installation may require fabrication of a sections which are mounted and joined on site, however we are used to installing large one-piece wells, crane-lifted into place within an excavated trench.


We can design, fabricate and install specialised or one-off infrastructure such as instrument mounts, dip point markers, weirs, nappe plates, control structures, GRP enclosures, covers, fencing, junction boxes etc

As the overall water level monitoring system develops, monitoring stations become redundant and our teams are involved in decommissioning sites and returning them to their former condition

We routinely carry essential watercourse maintenance such as weed cutting, tree work, bank revetment, channel and culvert clearance

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